OTCH Drydock's Scarab of Silverhill VCD2, UDX3, OM5, AX, TD 

 For the last 5 years Tubbs has been the consummate companion, athlete, and competitor.  The year 2014 saw the fruition of many goals.  That year he completed his OTCH while still 4 years old accruing a total of 6 High in Trials and 8 High Combined.  His official title became “OTCH Drydock’s Scarab of Silverhill UDX2  OM4  TD.  Later that year he qualified for the Masters Class in the Obedience Classic at Orlando, FL.  While competing there he captured the title of HIgh Scoring Rottweiler with a 198 in Open B.  The end of 2014 found him as the top qualifying Rottweiler in the United States for the National Obedience Competition with a total of 104 OTCH points earned that year.  While the statistics are clearly impressive, they in no way can quantify the heart of this incredible dog.  I am humbled and grateful to be able to call him my partner and companion.  Many thanks to Bridget Carlsen who helped me to unlock the talent and form this amazing partnership with Tubbs.

Now onto AGILITY!!

And at 8 years of age: He is shown getting his Excellent Standard Agility title (AX) and High in Trial/High Combined at Colonial Rottweiler Club Specialty 2017.  This is the 3rd year he’s had an invitation to the Obedience Classic held in Orlando, FL and sponsored by Eukanuba.