Ch Gamegards Limited Edition CD PT HIC CGC TDI, ARC Gold Sire

Teddy was my heart. Dogs come and go, they each take a bit of us with them. Teddy’s paw prints are forever on my soul. He was best known as a sire, obtaining his ARC Gold Sire award. He was also a great therapy dog visiting 24 hour childrens’ home; and, a herding dog when Rottweilers were just starting in that venue. Some of Teddy’s semen is stored for the future…to bring back the past.

Teddy hr 001

V-1 Am CH Gamegards Limited Edition CD PT HIC CGC TDI, ARC Gold Sire was the sire of the following titled offspring (please forgive me and let me know if I have omitted any):

  • U-CD SilverHill’s Kiss of an Angel, VCD2, UD, TC, AX, OAJ, CGC V
  • Can CH Silverhill’s Riopelle Chafard
  • CH Blackrocks EzekielTheProphet
  • CH Blackrocks Eyewittness CD
  • CH Blackrocks Escort CDX
  • CH Blackrocks Elektra CGC
  • CH Blackrocks Energizer CD
  • Blackrocks Excalibar CDXTDI CGC
  • CH Blackrocks Ezekiel the Prophet
  • V1 BISS Am CH Blackrock’s Empire Strikes CD
  • CH Blackrocks Escort CD, CGC, HICCH Blackrocks Easy Rider CD CGC
  • Gamegards Remington Steal CD
  • CH Gamegard’s R Victoria’s Secret
  • CH Gamegards Racketeer
  • Am/Can CH Kreekside’s Constant Craving
  • Can CH Chafard’s Alpha v Jaydy
  • CH SilverHill’s Joyous Occasion
  • CH SilverHill’s Teddy’s Tootsie
  • Von Gailingen’s Armored Truck CD TDI and Delta Society serving at the UNC children’s hospital
  • CH Windrift Fateful Trip
  • Can Ch Chafard’s Amour de KC V Jaydy