How do we buy a SilverHill Rottweiler puppy?

The first thing you must do is apply to be a SilverHill Rottweiler owner. Rottweilers are a strong willed as well as physically powerful breed. Not all situations and families are a good match for our dogs; we care about our animals too much to place them in situations that won’t allow them be happy and productive.

Our primary concern is that you are a responsible person that will be able safely house and train a large dog. In most situations we require that your yard is fenced to protect your dog. In order to be eligible for our temperament guarantee, you must agree to take your new puppy to classes to socialize and train them.

What do I need to do next?

We generally conduct a phone interview with each prospective owner. You should let us know a good time to reach you, and the phone number that we can reach you at on your application.

Once we know we can supply the temperament and conformation you desire, we will send you a sales agreement and you will be asked to provide references such as a veterinarian who knows you or another breeder; we will contact those references. We also reserve the right to take any other measures we think are necessary to assure ourselves that our puppy is going to a home where they will be happy and productive.

The Dirty Dozen litter

Can we choose a puppy after our interview if you approve our application?

You can choose to be on a waiting list for a show prospect puppy or a pet quality puppy. Show puppies are selected first and then the pet puppies are selected on a ‘by date of deposit’ sequence. You can tell us if you want a dog or a bitch (boy or girl puppy). If this is your first Rottweiler, we may try to steer your choice of gender, or even refuse to sell you a specific gender in certain circumstances.

We do not make the assessment of the puppies to decide which will be show prospects until several days before the puppies are ready to leave, so you will not be able to select a puppy from the litter if you come to visit before that time. After we make the assessment and honor any prior obligations, puppies are offered to homes in the order that deposits were received, and their name was placed on the waiting list.

We will also make our offers based on what we think is the best match of your home to the puppies temperament. You are always free to decline a puppy you are offered, and wait for a subsequent litter.

How much do puppies cost?

The price of a puppy is dependent on the cost of breeding the litter and the individual quality of the puppy. Circumstance of a particular breeding will warrant a higher or lower price, and we reserve the right to set prices for any dog at our sole discretion.

Puppies which are not show prospects are sold at a substantially lower price, this price is contingent upon the puppy being neutered by your vet at the appropriate age and that it is never bred. These puppies also come with a health guarantee to be able to perform their duties as based on your needs.

Do the puppies come with any guarantees?

These AKC registered pure bred Rottweiler puppies are a result of 30 years of experience here at our breeding program, and thousands of hours of time invested in each of our bitches. Show puppy prospects carry a guarantee that they will be free from disqualifying defect, and that it will pass certain health examinations if you want to breed. If a puppy is found to have a disqualifying defect, we will supply you with another show prospect puppy from a future litter . Details of this guarantee are found in the sales agreement.

You are not required to give up your previous pup in order to obtain a replacement. But no matter what the reason is, you can return your puppy to us at any age. Once a puppy has been produced by SilverHill, it will always have a home.

What about that temperament guarantee you mentioned?

The Rottweiler is basically a calm, confident and courageous dog with a self-assured aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships.” That is the standard.

You agree in advance to take the SilverHill puppy you own to general obedience classes, and you are required to do so by our sales agreement. After making good faith efforts to resolve problems we will take the dog back if there is a problem with its temperment. We will provide you with a refund, or another puppy of like value. (i.e. show prospect or pet.) The choice to provide a refund or another puppy will be at our sole discretion. If for ANY reason you are unable to keep your dog, s/he may be returned at any age.

What is the difference between a pet quality puppy and a show dog prospect?

Pet quality puppies generally have some feature or characteristic that is not up to our high standards for breeding. You must have your pet quality puppy altered as a term of the sales agreement. The standard is the American Rottweiler Club standard.

What if I change my mind and want to show my pet puppy?

Occasionally as the puppies grow up, the new owners find the pup has overcome the feature or characteristic that might have made them a pet quality puppy in the first place. If this happens, you may contact us, and we can alter the terms of our sales agreement.

Is our puppy socialized before they come to us?

Yes. The pups have been born and raised in my house, the birthing room is adjacent to my bedroom so they have had humans around them their whole life. Even if not needed, I bottle feed my pups some to get them used to handling from birth on a daily basis. Their entire bodies, including feet and mouths are handled. Their toe nails are clipped. They are introduced slowly to items of different texture including rags, lots of different toys, wood, and metal. The footing is changed from indoor to outdoor, grass, carpet, and wood floors. They are allowed to experience common household noises, TV, radio, vacuum cleaner, dish washer, and sometimes when I am cooking, the smoke detector.

How big will the puppy get? How big are the parents? Do the parents have good temperaments?

Please read the Rottweiler Breed Standard; it is what we aim to produce. We are very proud that SilverHill Rottweilers are known for having exceptionally good temperaments.

If a puppy is available, would I be able to have pictures sent?

As we get photos of puppies we will post those on Facebook under either myself or SilverHill Rottweilers.   As females become pregnant or  litters are planned we will post the information on the breeding plans page.

Can I come and visit the dogs and pups at your home?

SilverHill's Bree

Please do! If you are in the area, or can come and visit, I would love to have you make an appointment and then come meet my dogs.

Could I also get pictures of the parents?

Parent’s pictures (both Sires and Dams) are on my website. You will also get links to the parents photos to be printed in your puppy packet