Breeding Plans of Silverhill

Below you will find the sire and dam of litters expected in the near future.   If you are interested a puppy from these or future litters, please fill out an application.  To see previous puppies born and any from the litters posted below, see photos on Silverhill Facebook page. or Cathy Rubens on Facebook. 

There will be a confirmation of pregnancy based on breeding dates.  All puppies are docked by my vet at 2-3 days of age. If you want a natural tail, the puppy will need to be paid for in full prior to that time, or I can send you to of my co-breeders, Genworks Rottweilers, who may have a natural tail litter.

I am willing to fly/drive and hand deliver your puppy if you wish, but that is an added expense.

Future litters:
   Due in December if conception occurred – Charlotte to Casino, Rumor to Keeper


If you click on the links, they take you to each dogs page. On each page there are photos, links to OFA database where you can SEE and verify the health clearances, and pedigree link.

Take into consideration Dax was 4 before he had his health clearances as he was returned due to death of his owner. And note that Dax sire, Keeper’s & Cookie’s parents and Casino are imports so there are not any titles on the AKC pedigree. You will have to go to to see Dax’s sires accomplishments and pedigree ( )  with European titles.