Yes and Ice retired home notes: Do dogs and cats get along?

Yes is a great dog.  She is sweet, pleasant company, willing, a fast learner, and she retains everything she has learned.

Lily is almost 11, a Traditional Siamese Seal Point from Applecat Acres.  She is dainty, outgoing and friendly, but one of our previous dogs chased and caught her and she has had a leg tendon repaired.  She has a bit of a limp.  Lily has a companionable relationship with Ice.  When Yes came to our famiily, Lily did not leave “her” room unless the dogs were crated.  Slowly, Lily emerged when the dogs were out, and Yes and Ice did not ever chase her.

Most of the plush cat beds are up high, where cats like to be.  But one of the cat beds is on a low upholstered bench.  When Lily is in this cat bed, Yes comes up to her and nuzzles her neck and belly.  Yes cleans Lily’s ears and Lily cleans Yes’s ears.  This little cat has come around from a frightening experience with a dog to a nurturing, tender and gentle relationship with a dog.

Thanks again for letting Yes, as well as Ice, be part of our family.