From another AKC breeder

The other day on another post, a women challenged us, AKC breeders to try and explain to her how possibly our dogs could be better than acquiring a dog from shelter. So I did my best.

I will do my best to explain the proof you asked for when it comes to most responsible breeders puppies. Ann,

First; from decades of experience, I select the ideal male, and female to breed together for the best preservation of my specific breed. How do I decide this. First I health test them specifically. Not only where DNA test are avaiable, but all other anomalies like hips, elbows, eyes, and many others, we do as a common practice as responsible breeders . I extensively study pedigrees for the best health, character and over all soundness of each planned litter, and the best possible outcome of each puppy. . In some cases these family of dogs can be researched 20 to 30 generations and more for health. I evaluate and challenge character as in AKC/CGC testing. Over all obedience training and several other means. I hand rear each puppy to reach its optimum potential, when I painstakingly interview numerous potential forever homes. Not only making sure they are right for the particular puppy, but that the pup is the best fit for the specific family. I have an agreement that under any circumstance they must return the dog if for any reason they cannot keep the them. I microchip my puppies so they are never lost for long. I offer life long friendship and mentoring to any one who acquires a pup from us. I read and study on a daily basis what I can learn new, as to how I can be, and breed better dogs. I donate resources, and fund canine research for dogs and my breed specifically, helping developed DNA genetic markers. This is only a very small window into why my pups are guaranteed a better life than many others.

But last we in purebred dogs have established a formidable rescue network across this nation through parent clubs but also our regional chapter clubs.
I know, every canine deserves more than this insatiable irresponsible throw away society will ever recognize, or offer Each of these precious lives. That’s why I chose and have dedicated my life’s work to a specific breed to be a preservationist of.

I love all dogs, and salute all those that do such difficult work for those unlucky dogs across this nation in shelters. So yes, Ann, we believe and most likely can always predict a dog acquired from a responsible breeder will come into this life better prepared to meet the challenges of life? Rather than randomly taking your chances on acquiring a dog with no prior knowledge of its back ground. Unfortunately most shelter dogs have wound up there for most likely, no good reason. That’s why I sincerely thank all those who take chances on these poor souls, and try to give them another chance on life, or the home they never had the opportunity a responsible breeders puppy had to begin with.

Yes, Ann I believe any dog deserves a responsible owner and home. I also am a preservation breeder who does all I can to see to it that our family of dogs are the best prepared to meet these challenge.