Ice and Yes with Elaine and family


Ice rowdies wtih Yes on a regular basis.  The Traditional Siamese cats, Lily and Phil, rowdy together too.  Phil is about a year and a half after his neuter, and no longer tries to mate with Lily, but they do run and play and groom each other, and then they rowdy.  But Ice doesn’t like to see the cats rowdy together.

So when Phil started pushing Lily around, Ice ran up to the two of them, separated the cats, Lily ran off and Ice and stared Phil down.  (Visualize 118 lb. male Rottweiler staring down 13 lb. Traditional Siamese cat.)  Phil widened his stance, stood his ground.  Ice let out a low growl and kept staring at Phil.  Phil retreated.  Later on, Phil groomed Ice’s feet.

Ice is a remarkable presence.  We are so fortunate to have him in our family.

Yes, usually aloof, finds some people worthy of interaction.  The newest one was the inspector from Clegg’s, the termite prevention people, who was over yesterday to show us a new contract.  He doesn’t have dogs at home.  And Yes took to him, sat by him.

I hope all is well with you, with Bob, with all of the doggies.  Please keep us in mind for a new family member when time moves forward.