Puppies going to their new homes


I wanted to share a few notes, memos and photos of  the current puppies going to their new homes. I still have a show and pet male available if you are wondering…..

Male puppy (pet or show)
Male puppy (pet or show)
Male show puppy
Male show puppy

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I can’t thank you enough.  I just got back from the vet and I have one happy and healthy puppy.  Weighing in at 9.6 pounds of snuggling love. Brandy

This puppy is a prize!!!!!   Hi, Cathy, Just a brief note to let you know that Rommel is running, jumping out of his crate and is able to go up stairs (only four and not everytime). He hasn’t finished a meal yet but the vet said he was doing very well. Just a few accidents in the house but they’re my fault for not reading his restlessness as a full bladder. He slept most of the time between toiletings the second night. First night was rather sleepless but was soon resolved. He has taken to his crate and it gets better everytime he gets put into it. Rommel is a “howler”!! The first time in the crate he was standing on his hind legs, front paws on the vertical side head pointed to the ceiling and howling llike a coyote! just so-o-o-o-o cute.  He loves the outside and follows me everywhere. He’s a keeper!!!!! Donna & Ed. Hi Cathy, Have had since I picked Bear up on Wed to spend all my time with him. He is adjusting well and seems to really enjoy all the new things. He Has had car rides to different places, met my big cat, and all my other dogs. Loves the MinPIn puppies! He watched me ride the tractor to cut the grass today and doesn’t mind the gravel driveway nor the grass. He even had to go outside in the rain yesterday and whimpered a bit but then was ok after he was DeeDee and I walked with him. I have named him Bear since (ofcourse) he looks like a cub. His reg. name could be Silver Hill Bare Necessities. I watched the You Tube version of the song and it’s awfully cute. So if that is alright with you, I like it.

Hi Cathy, So far so good.  Attached a couple of pictures at the 8 week (right?) point.   Did well at the Vet, microchip safely placed, and clean bill of health. More to follow 🙂   Carla

Good morning Cathy!

I’ll send better pictures this week but I wanted you to see Pebbles & Vladimir together sleeping! Still amazes me how she’s acting!

Also, we’ve picked out his AKC name with the “good” theme.

Silverhills Good Grief Charlie Brown

WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! I love that name! It was really nice to see you again! I feel like we’ve known each other forever!  Hopefully, Vlad will turn out like you want and we’ll be seeing each other in the next couple of years to make more beautiful pups!  Take care and we’ll let you know when we start class and how the vet visits go. Lots of puppy love!  Donna