AKC Ptd Andel’s Wynd Beneath Eagle Wings, CS,CGC,TDI,BN,RN

AKC Ptd Andel’s Wynd Beneath Eagle Wings, CS,CGC,TDI,BN,RN loves her visits To Portsmouth Naval Medical Center’s Wounded Warrior Regiment. Ā  I first met Lance Corporal Danny B*****, or should I say his mom and girlfriend, as he was totally unaware of my presence. He had been medevac’d from Landstuhl in Europe, where he was taken after his leg was seriously injured in Afghanistan. Next visit I had Wynd, he was still heavily influenced by pain medications, but when his mom whispered “Danny, the therapy dog is here”, without opening his eyes, he patted the bed and I allowed and helped Wynd on the bed where without opening his eyes, he gently caressed her for 20 minutes while his mother and I conversed..


Wynd made regular visits to see newly promoted Corporal Danny B****** as he continued his therapies and to heal. She knows right where his room is and he has turned in to one of her favorite cuddle partners. It made me so proud when he told me “she really made me feel better and helped me heal”, how much better does that get?

Wynd 2

As the bond continued to strengthenĀ  between Wynd and Danny, it was important to him she have HIS dog tag on her collar that he had on when he was injured in Afghanistan.

Here he is placing it on her

.Wynd 3