Windrift’s A Rose is a Rose MXP MJP OFP

back in Oct, Maria wrote that below and we are now updating her new titles to MXP MJP OFP Way to go Maria!!!!!!
Rosie got her first QQ (it takes 20 for a PAX). This weekend at YAC she got two more double Qs for a total of 3 QQ toward her 20 needed!!!! She also has 60 pts toward her PACH (which takes the 20 double Qs plus 750 points). I am happy to say that my predictions that she would take forever to get a double Q was way WRONG. She also got a leg last weekend toward her Open FAST Pref and another one this weekend and now only needs one more leg and she will have her Open FAST Pref title. She also now has 5 STD legs and 4 JWW legs toward her MASTERS in each one (take 10 q’s to earn each of these titles). She is entered in two weeks for Autumn Winds which is near your house in case you are home and want to come watch any. And then again for 3 days in Danville in November. If she continues to do as well as she has these past two weekends she could easily get her MASTERS in STD and JWW and be over half way to her PAX!!!! WOW.
Thought that you would be excited to hear how well she is doing-so I am glad that we decided to let her continue to play agility a little longer. My new bionic knee actually did fairly well both weekends. By the end of the weekend, though I can tell that I am working the devil out of it. Maria