American Rottweiler Saga

Some have said I don’t like this or that. Let me set the record – We have a choice here in the USA of how we want our dogs to look. The membership voted as to how they want their standard, and the board should abide by the memberships vote. The board had sent a letter stating that the issue was put to rest after the last breed standard vote. The standard remains docked.
When judging other breeds, I judge by their parent club approved standard. Why should I do otherwise with my own breed?
There are venues in the USA where tailed Rottweilers are welcomed with open arms and there is a written tail standard for those venues. I exhibit and spectate at those venues. I own both tailed and docked dogs, and a rescue or two. None is right or wrong; except the rescue …if you knew her you would know why.
It is the harassment of the ARC members for having their opinions that I really have objection to. Please treat each other with respect. We live in the USA, have a choice, and we all have the right to our own opinions. And this is mine.