Bert Halsey update

From Sarah Krickeberg’s facebook post: To all my friends and family in the dog show community, as a witness to yesterday’s event at the Fayetteville Kennel Club dog show in Concord, NC:
Many people have already heard about Bert Halsey, I want to make sure that everyone knows the facts about yesterday’s incident. I’m hoping that by posting this the dog show community will react and rally so that this incident will never have to happen
to anyone else’s loved one, companion, or fellow exhibitor.
For those who have not heard what happened, Bert Halsey suffered a heart attack while exhibiting his Rottweiler in the ring yesterday in Concord, NC at the Fayetteville Kennel Club Dog show. When he went down several exhibitors/spectators (who are nurses) stepped in to preform CPR on him. The EMT, which was the Cabarrus County EMS, was urgently alerted to the situation. The EMT sauntered (and I use this word literally) over to Bert as the whole arena was screaming for him to hurry to Bert’s aid. The more the dog show community hollered and screamed for him to rush to Bert’s side, the slower the EMT went. Thankfully, the nurses were vigorously performing CPR on Bert the entire time it took the EMT to arrive at his side. The EMT did not come prepared with a defibuator or a drug box, nor did he take charge of the emergency rescue, but rather the nurses feverishly worked on Bert while the AKC rep, Mary Dukes, called 911. Thankfully, a paramedic team finally arrived at the show to take Bert to the hospital. After Bert was transported to the hospital, I looked after his dogs through the help of fellow exhibitors such as, Jamie Clute and Chris Racine, Bert’s vehicle was located and the dog that was locked inside the vehicle was rescued. I then transported all his dogs to DiDio Kennels owned and operated by Bob Busby. All dogs are happy, doing well, and their owners were notified. After talking to Bob Busby this morning, Bert is in Intensive Care, he was given a cat scan and a blood clot was ruled out. He is sedated and on a venalator, he even opened his eyes last night. Today they are going to take him off of the sedation to assess the situation. By the grace of God, hopefully, Bert will be okay because of the efforts performed by the nurses that were at the show.
The reason for this post is to update everybody on Bert’s status, however, I am also asking the dog show community to contact the assistant director, Alan Thompson, at the Cabarrus County EMS at (704)-920-2602 regarding the EMT’s inexcusable and unacceptable behavior towards Bert’s incident. Had those nurses not feverishly performed CPR on Bert, he would not have been given the opportunity to fight for his life. For those of you who personally know Bert, you know he would give you the shirt off his back and would help you in any way he could. I am urging and pleading the dog show community (especially those of you who were at that particular show) to rally around Bert and his family and report the poor behavior of this EMT to the County supervisor. I also want to note that Bob Busby and show chair (Cathy Rubens) talked to an EMT supervisor that was on site at the show. The supervisor absolutely refused to give them the name and badge number of the EMT who responded to Bert’s call. Perhaps through our collected efforts, we can keep this from happening to someone else. As I know more, I will update you. I want to personally thank you all of those who contributed any help, support, and/or assistance to this situation weather it be towards Bert or the care of his dogs. There are too many people to name, but I don’t want you to go un-thanked.
I urge you all to post and cross post this. The more people that are aware of this situation the better.
BERT HALSEY UPDATE: Cathy Rubens who is at the hospital with Bert reports that he is awake, alert and asking about his dogs. He did have a cardiac arrest and they are doing more tests on him. So far, everything is functioning normally. He does not remember what happened. What a miracle.
Berts info: Can send balloons but no flowers to: Carolinas Medical Center Northeast. unit- M.S. ICU
920 N Church Street, Concord, NC 28025
Visiting: only 2 people at a time, closed from 6-8am and 6-8 pm, use emergency room entrance after 10 pm.
Hospital phone no is 704-403-3000, but due to privacy laws they will not give out patient information.
As more information becomes available, I will post to the facebook page of Speedway Classic of the Carolinas