in case you are able to adopt an older girl.

Yes, we still need someone for Alexa. The shelter had an open house yesterday and my rescue as well as many others participated. Unfortunately they had more surrendered dogs than adoptions L The shelter is getting full which puts us under more pressure.
I met Alexa and played with her on Sat., she is not only a stunning purebred dog but she is also super sweet. She is a bit nervous in the shelter environment but all employees adore her b/c she is so sweet. She rolls over on her back to get stomach rubs J She is great with all people/kids and other dogs. We had to put a do not adopt sign on her kennel to avoid some scum bag wanting to adopt her only b/c of her breed and her ending up on a chain in someone’s back yard. We urgently need to get her out. She is HW positive which BFPA will absolutely take care of, all we need is a foster home or a family that wants foster to adopt. She is save until Friday as BFPA had to insure the shelter that we will be pulling her. She is approx. 3-4 years old. I personally think she is 3 years old. Please feel free to post her on your news feed. Thank you for wanting to help us save this sweetheart.
As for pet sitting, actually I will start pet sitting full time starting August.
Alesja Daehnrich
Outreach Coordinator
Best Friend Pet Adoption