Jax “Ramblin Man”

This Saturday, June 23rd, is Jax’s Fifth Month Birthday.
He is gotten almost every possible vaccination that a dog can have because my Vet at the Riverwood Vet Clinic, tells me it is the right thing to do and I trust her. He weighs in a little over 50 pounds and of course still growing. He graduated from Star (AKC) Puppy School and we are now preparing for Intermediate Obedience with Katie from Bone Voyage Training. Once a week Jax and I attend training with the Neuse River Kennel Club,for Show Dogs, maybe we will try that some day.
I am especially happy that Jax and Jeb are doing much better together. Albeit he can be a pest to him.
Jax and I want to say a special hello to his “God Mother” in Flanders, NJ, who has not been feeling well. Nina, get well soon.
BTW …. The last 3 photos, Jax is on a glass top outdoor table. I did not put him there, I found him on it this morning and took the photos.
Bob R.