Tubbs goes High In Trial photo and bio

It is with great pride and excitment for the future that all are smiling in this picture:
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Way to go Patrice and Neil!!!!!!!!!!!
In Tubbs’ 2 short years, he has become the partner of a lifetime. Extremely athletic and intelligent he was able to garner 8 consecutive first placements in Open along with a HIT at the CRC specialty. He’s just getting his motor revved now though. We’ve started TDX work after he completed his TD on the first try and along with obedience training he’s also got agility warming up for the upcoming years. Stay tuned for Tubbs next great adventures. Many thanks to “Team Tubbs”: Jim Owens, Cathy Rubens, and Steve Orenstein. Tubbs is still intact and has OFA’d with hips Excellent along with normal elbows, cardiac, and eyes.