News from Mira x Bogie puppies!

Hi Cathy,
Hope you’re doing well
Here are some of Zander’s latest pictures. Spent the Memorial Day Weekend at my friend’s house where he learned to swim and had fun with his friends Jack, Blaze and Harper (new puppy)
He likes the water but prefers to wear a life vest and will swim any distance for a treat
We started obedience class last Thursday and did pretty well. We still walk twice a day for about 30 minutes; but now at a faster pace.
I will say he is 99.9% housebroken. He sleeps thru the night and can “hold it” while I’m at work
When I’m at home he swats at the bell I have hanging by the door to be let out
Wherever we go, he gets compliments on his good looks and friendliness
Thanks again for this wonderful puppy
Have a great day
Good Morning Cathy,
I hope this email finds you well and the latest brood is not keeping you up too many nights.
On Lexi’s 4 month birthday I thought I’d send a few photos and give you an update.
I had her to the vet last week for her last set of shots for a while and she’s a healthy and happy 46 lbs; quite a change from the 13 lb ball of fuzz I brought home just a little over 2 months ago. She’s started to stretch and is beginning to loose her puppy teeth. While she keeps my guys on their toes, especially when she tears around the corners or starts nipping at their feet, they’ve been great accepting her into the pack.
I couldn’t have asked for a more loving and affectionate addition to the family
Thank you so much,
Michael Proctor