Toby takes another road to training

Jeff and Toby train in a professional sport:
Hey Cathy, hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Just wanted to give you an update on my boy Toby. We trialed in a NWDA trial a few weeks ago. We trialed for the WTE and also the WD (watch dog). Passed both with flying colors. Obedience score for the wd was 90 and protection phase was 98. This is out of 100 points. We now have the following working titles….Sch BH, Wte, and Wd. Oh and btw ten points were taken from our ob because of slight handler help on the sit and down out of motion, (I pause for only a brief second). Our critique for the protection phase and I quote what the judge Chris Thompson said “thats what its supposed to look like”…”good job”! Gonna work like crazy from now until our club trial in December. If his tracking is ready…we will trial for Sch 1 then. If the track is not ready we will trial for Sch A, which is the same as Sch 1 but no track just ob and protection. As always thank you so much for my boy Toby, I love him so much.
Thank you for recognizing our hard work. I have had so much fun and learned so much working him. In order for us to make a Sch 1, I am going to have to start tracking on my own as well. We currently only go to the Schutzhund field once a week because its a two hour round trip and with my own business its hard to leave during the week. He just turned five now so I really really hope we can do our Sch 1 this winter and then maybe, just maybe a Sch 2 before hes too old and needs to retire :(. Thankfully he is still very up to the task. Not to sound soft or anything lol but it will probobly bring tears of joy to my eyes when we do our Sch 1…Just saying :). If and when you get time to do a page for him let me know and I can get you some pics of him working and some trial pics as well. Take care Cathy…..Jeff
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