Robert E. Lee update

Happy Mother’s Day from Robert E. Lee.
He is a happy, curious, confident, playful and very, very empathic dog. He’s reliably calm, superfriendly and good with adults, other dogs and children. He ‘protects’ by being watchful and staying right by my side. Not once has ever he snapped, snarled or acted aggressively. (He did bark once at my cousin, who was being sort of loud and too close to me. Bobby just looked up at him and woofed deeply one time, very clearly stating “That is enough”.)
He lets his ‘sister’ boss him around and is physically careful with the very old, arthritic, sweet abandoned yellow lab I took in. He ‘escorts’ this old dog when the old guy has to go outside and then walks him back inside. On one occasion I forgot the old guy was outside and Bobby Lee immediately barked and led me to the door. “MOM you forgot the old guy!”
Interestingly, he sleeps like a cat snuggled up as close as he can get, with his head on my shoulder. He’s a big kisser and he’s learning to bring me dropped pens, spoons etc with the phrase ‘Bring me that for a kiss, Bobby’.
Attached are some photos from a picnic with friends. (Thank God I fenced in the whole front yard years ago-gives us all plenty of room to safely play and run). He is gorgeous, has a gait that is poetry in motion, and everybody that meets him is impressed by his personality and good looks.
Happy Mother’s Day
and thank you for breeding wonderful dogs like Bobby. I love him more than I can say.
Very Best,
Max the Old Guy