Hi Cathy,
Hope you and your family are doing well
See attached Zander’s pictures
As you can see, he is getting cuter as the days go by
He weighed @15 pounds last Monday and is growing by the minute. He is a very smart fellow. He learned the sit command in a flash (did not even take him 15 minutes w/ treats of course) and the down command is about 80% perfected. Now, the stay and wait are a little harder since he’s such a busy body. Can’t stay still more than 5 seconds
After seeing him, all my friends want a puppy
He’s already been introduced to other dogs, cats, birds & new people. He is very assertive & sometimes cocky as you can see in the picture with new friends Blaze & Jack
All the waiting (nine months) was really worthy
Once again thanks for giving me such a wonderful puppy
Have a great week
PS: My only wish is to get some more sleep. At least I’m getting the exercise I need by chasing him around all day long