Renice and Rottweilers bringing smiles

Hi All,
Just going to give a brief synopsis of today’s wonderful, fabulous ,awesome visit and presentation at VA hospital!!
For those that don’t know, I have been doing therapy dog visits at the Va Hospital with my rotties AKC Ptd Andel’s Wynd Beneath Eagle Wings,RN,BN and just passed TDI/CGC,
( known as Wynd ) and AKC ptd Silverhills Long Grey Line, CS,TDI,CGC,( known as Cadet), we had made enough of impact that Langley Kennel Club(LKC) was invited to do a dog presentation for Womens History Month for “what makes women smile”. Not bad for a breed banned from living on military bases!!!!!!
Many LKC members were unavailable to attend a weekday event, I invited Merrimac Dog Training Club(MDTC) also- so many are dual members anyhow!
For starters, we are Va Hospital homepage at beautiful rottie lady pulling the handsome Ch CorgiAndrew in cart is
AKC Ptd Silverhills Long Grey Line, CS,TDI,CGC (( we need to get on her handler to finish her! Ok, I know, I have to leave her out with him awhile,don’t I??? Well my girls work here is quite important too !!!!))
We had a wonderful day. First, thanks to Laura for being a commentator and helper with my 4 dogs!!! Thanks to Marita and her GSD boys, Louise and her Swedish valhund,border collie and corgis, Sue and the labs, Debra and her lab Rusty, Janet and berner Bodie, Elizabeth and berner Angel, beagle Bandit,boston Rio,aussie Dune, and of course my rott’n girls Cadet,Wynd, SSRR foster rescue Freedom and nephew whippet Miguel(BIS Breticas Man With the Big Cigar). Miguel is staying with me while my handlers have my whippet girls on show circuit , you must have a whippet to keep the big dogs in shape. ; )
We did an agility, rally,air scent, carting demonstration then a presentation similar to meet the breeds.
LKC was presented with a beautiful appreciation plaque, tell me who keeps these things for us!!
When all was done, Laura, Elizabeth,Angel,Rio,Bandit and Dune, plus Debra and Rusty were able to join me,Cadet,Freedom,Wynd and Miguel for a quick visit to hospice care to a gentleman I had promised last Sunday that I would return with friends, to the spinal cord unit to see ‘my regulars’ my girls adore and bring such happiness to on their visits, a floor on main hospital and then the domiciliary.
Miguel and Freedom made me as proud as my own kids, they acted like they had been doing this forever!!!! Now with Miguel, as long as I was in view, he has become rather attached and likes me in his sight.
The most exciting part, the dogs have made such an impact, they want to talk to us about having domiciliary sponsored therapy dogs on a regular basis. The doctor who would like to initiate this is more than a little smitten with Freedom and Miguel.
It was a lovely day, and Elizabeth has lots of pictures to share!!
And the attached pictures were from:
Two of the rott’ns and I paid a surprise visit to the VA Hospital for Valentines Day with candy and cards. The Veteran Soldiers couldn’t get enough of the girls, especially Wynd who just EATS the attention,up, Cadet has a “well,if you aren’t giving me food, why are you bothering me, The Princess, I need food” attitude unless she is hitched to her sulky and then she is all work and business. It did my heart so good when 2 wheelchair bound veterans showed sheer joy on their faces with the girls. One was so excited,remembering our visit from last Sat.( an amputee from Vietnam) , he couldn’t get out of his room calling us fast enough. Wynd makes him feel he is the most important person alive at that moment in time and he just GLOWS. He begged us to come back soon, and we will. The girls have made such a positive impression, the social workers has asked us about having a presentation of breeds with other Kennel Club members soon!!!! These gals are AKC PTD Andel’s Wynd Beneath Eagle Wings,BN,RN and AKC PTD Silverhills Long Grey Line,CS,TDI,CGC.
My handlers get frustrated because I just don’t leave them out to finish, we piecemeal,and I know it is hard on a handler, but there’s so much else we like to do besides dog shows.
This is a breed that is banned on military bases, and we have been invited back repeatedly to a Veterans Hospital !!!
I know my husband Doug was smiling from above-rottweilers were his passion too. Many a rottie accompanied him on maneuvers in the Army, one even had his name painted on Doug’s jeep when Doug was in Command too.
And then when not working, the dogs get a day on the beach to show off their new duds!