Stout update

Hi Cathy and Murphy’s mom aka Susan,
Just wanted to give you a long overdue update on Stout’s experiences and integration into our home. He is adjusting well and has figured out his place in the pack. Our two female Parson Russell terriers are quick to remind him of his position if he ever forgets. They all enjoy a good game of tug as you can see from the pictures and while his energy level exceeds theirs, they manage to escape to higher ground if his play wears them out.
He has become a favorite when visiting our local feed store and has been the unofficial greeter of humans and canines alike. I have proudly stated his age when admirers comment on his calm and unassuming disposition as he sits quietly taking it all in. Stout also was able to attend his first annual Chowderfest in Saratoga Springs. At this event, restaurants vie for the Chowderfest title, but dogs also get to join in at some venues for doggie chowder. If he could have voted, no doubt it would be for the Barking Good Chowder. Little did he know we just brought him for the socialization factor and not the chowder!
Our weather has been quite cooperative this year, but what little snow we had, Stout made sure that he sampled enough of it. It has also helped in with housebreaking as none of us feel compelled to run back indoors after we’ve done what what we set out to do.
Not sure what event Stout will attend for St. Patrick’s Day, but we’ll be sure to share any photos that we take.
Until then,
Best Regards
Tracy & Mike