Ice in his new home

You’ve heard the expression “arm candy”, meaning a cutie pie person to walk around with which attracts the attention of other people?
Well, not only is Ice doing fabulously well in obedience class (we’re well ahead of the curriculum; we are working on a longer “stay”, and on “stand”; he heels beautifully, works hand signals, keeps attentive) but where ever we go, people admire him. He is “leash candy”.
My car needed some time in the repair shop – it’s a 10 year old Passat wagon which had a VW ailment – I drove to the service station with Ice, and walked home with him. All the fellows in the station admired him, and he behaved well while there. On the mile walk home, he appropriately ignored other dogs and was cordial to people. The car is back now, with a practically rebuilt engine, good for more time on the road.
Our trips to Petsmart always bring out admirers. And Ice is good with the people, ignores the other dogs, and heels at my side with the shopping cart full of dog food and cat food. He is responsive to me when I bring him away from some people who I didn’t feel right about. He is good in the car. Sometimes he growls at cars that get “too close” to my car – but is responsive to my request to “quit it”.
Ice and our son have developed a warm relationship. He visits us on weekends, and Ice is welcoming, sits at his feet, invites play and interaction. Ice gets along well with the other dogs and cats. Ice is out of the crate most of the day. I still crate him when I go to work, but let him out to be loose in the house when I get home. Ice is protective of the house. He barks when there’s something to bark at. He’s quiet most of the time.
Ice loves his “Durables” soft toy. Thanks for suggesting that he likes a soft toy. He just loves the thing. I bought a replacement toy for him to have when he destroys this one.
Just a note to brighten your day.
Keep me in mind for a low prey drive female for the future.
All the best to you and to Bob,