Silver Hill’s Lindiwe

Just wanted to let you know that Nadia (Silver Hill’s Lindiwe) passed her TD test last weeked. She left all of her diva behavior at home and worked like a champ despite the fields being under water from all the rain we’ve been having and being slightly handler disabled (I do all my own tracking training and handling). We couldnt be more proud of her.
This is a copy of her portion of the test write up from the test secretary. We drew the third track of the day and it took her 5 minutes from start flag to finish article.
3rd was a rottie bitch (club member) with a stunning start, and worked methodically and steady right through the whole track, she took her turns like a quarter horse and she also urged her owner to pick up the pace so she could get to the glove…beautiful line handling the whole way and YES, another PASS!!!
I have also attached a picture of nadia and i with the judges and her ribbon.
We start training for her TDX and VST tests next week.
Now all we need is that last major so she can finish in the breed ring.
Nancy Parchment