Beau continues to grow. I have no idea what he weighs now, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he’s around 115 now. He is so heavy-boned. He seems to have completely skipped that gangly puppy stage in his life. As close as I can measure, he’s 25-inches at the withers now. I may take him with me to PetSmart over the weekend and put him on the scales. He also continues to eat as if he hasn’t been fed in a day. The food just vanishes.
I continue to be amazed at his intelligence, but what really amazes me is his sensitivity to my moods or actions. As an example, I was doing some polishing on some old cabinet hardware yesterday, using my Dremel tool and a small abrasive wheel. Beau and Annie were laying on the kitchen floor, watching me. The tool slipped and sort of bit into a finger…I said a few choice words in a loud voice. Annie paid it no mind, but Beau promptly got up, and looking at me over his shoulder, walked into another room and lay down. It really seems to affect him if I’m unhappy or angry. What’s so strange about it is that although I’m never angry at him (even when he’s gnawing on the woodwork), he seems to think it’s his fault I’m angry or unhappy about something, and it seems to really bother him.
Beau loves to ride in the back of the 4Runner. If I so much as open a door in it when we’re out back, or lower the tailgate window, he starts running around, barking and whining because he thinks we’re going somewhere. Annie can jump up into it, but Beau’s so heavy, he can’t. So he stands up with his paws on the tailgate, and I boost him on up into it. Problem is, when we get back from wherever we’ve been, he doesn’t want to get out. He just sits or lays there, looking at me. So I kind of have to coax him to the edge of the tailgate so I can pick him up and lift him down. I don’t let him jump out of it. It’s too high, and he’s too heavy.
I’m also amazed at how fast he is when he’s after something…chasing a ball, maybe. Annie is really fast, but she only weighs about 75 pounds. But Beau can get from one side of the yard to the other in just seconds, usually beating her to the ball. And he doesn’t throw either of his hind legs out to the side when running, either. It’s just this powerful, driving motion propelling him forward. For an 11-month-old puppy, he can be a bit intimidating to strangers…not agressive or threatening, just because of his size I guess. So far, he has not met anyone who comes to visit that he doesn’t like.
Annie will usually stay wherever she is in the house when I get up to go to another room, but Beau will follow me everywhere I go in here. Keeping an eye on me, I guess. Annie’s napping in the den right now, but Beau is right here beside me as I write this. My Rottweiler shadow. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Someone could come to the door and offer me thousands of dollars for him, and I’d say sorry, you’ve come to the wrong house.
It has been an incredibly fast eleven months with him. He’s gone from that little fur ball puppy to a real dog in such a seemingly short time.
I hope you are well, and that all the dogs are healthy and happy. Give Madera an ear scratch for me. A few photos are attached/included.
Enjoy your weekend.