Top 10 dogs in Canada

I must brag that I an email told me of 2 Top 10 Silverhill dogs in Canada:
We just want to give some news of Lewis, he’s doing a very great job since the beginning of the year; each time he was in show, he did well in group (4 shows = 7 different group wiinnings, 1st x1, 2nd x1, 3rd x 3, 4th x 2). You can see all results when you click on the link we give you Click here. He is now ranking 4th in Canada!
We will continue showing him in the next weeks, hoping he continue on this way maybe he could finish 2nd or 3rd in Canada this year!!!
You can also see that it is an other Silverhill’s dog in the top 10. Congratulations!
Goodbye! Always enjoying to have news from USA!!
Stéphane & Valérie