Maria is titling both Boch and Rosie

Maria Walker has more energy than I do! Her updates are below. Way to go, keep making us look good!!!
Boch went to ARC nationals and got his last triple Q on Tuesday to qualify for his TQXP title (a very difficult title to get as it requires the dog to work away from the owner and to go out and do something that he is told to do and not do the wrong thing while out there AND then he has to come back and do the two qualifying runs for STD and JWW just like always AND he has to do this 10 times for the title). Then on Wednesday he Doubled QQ in STD and JWW on the same day for number 19th QQ and then Thursday he Doubled QQ for number 20 AND his PAX2 title and the PACH2 title which will be awarded come July (but was earned that day).
Also at nationals he received his certificate for being in the top ten agility rotties for 2010 in Jumpers. He was also awarded (we assume since I have not received the awards yet) the Versatile and Versatile Excellent awards offered by ARC for rotties showing and earning multiple titles in multiple venues. With the VX being the highest award offered by ARC and requiring a CD and at least 17 points in other venues like agility, rally, carting, obedience, conformation, therapy, etc.
Mr Boch is now:
Silverhill’s Rustic Acres Boch CD RE PT MXP5 MJP7 PAX2 MFP TQXP
Then in July AKC will grandfather in the preferred dogs who have earned their PACH
Then he will be:
PACH2 Silverhill’s Rustic Acres Boch CD RE PT MXP5 MJP7 PAX2 MFP TQXP
Of course you could just say that he is the BEST ROTTIE EVER AND BEATS ALL OTHER. And not worry about how to word things. Hee Hee! Maria
Now Rosie is just starting out – Rosie finished her two novice agility titles this weekend. She now has her Novice Agility Preferred (NAP) and her Novice Jumpers Preferred (NJP).