Beau and his big sister Annie

Below are some sound bites from Jim’s email and pictures. Enjoy!
Beau’s latest portrait at 7 months, 1 week of age.
Beau has picked out two favorite spots in the house to sleep in at night. One is right beside where Annie and I sleep, but his real favorite seems to be the cool tiles of the bathroom floor. But he always returns to the bed in the morning when Annie and I are waking up, and he will get up in bed and snuggle until I’m fully awake and it’s time for us to go outside for their early morning yard patrol. And unlike Annie, who tends to run from one spot to another as she investigates this or that, Beau takes his time. You can almost see the wheels turning in his brain as he looks at things that interest him. But then, in an instant, he’s just a big puppy again, rolling in the grass, barking for what seems to be just the sheer joy of life, and running around the yard chasing Annie. I often envy them for their carefree, live-for-the-moment existence.
I’ll include one other photo here. They have scooped out a little depression at one of the driveway gates, so they can see out and keep an eye on things in part of the front yard. It’s just big enough to get their eyes below the fence level and stick their noses under it. I don’t worry about them digging out. They’re not that industrious, but they’ll lay there looking out for a long time, then move on to something else.