Email from Boch

Hi Cathy,
Great news—Boch got his CD yesterday at the DKC trials. So now I can apply for his ARC Versatile and versatile Excellent awards!!!! Guess you will have to undate his website when next you go there! This year the boy got 13 new Titles!!!!!!!!
So he is now
Silverhill’s Rustic Acres Boch CD,RE,PT,MXP4,MJP5,PAX,XFP!! With only two legs to go to get his MFP and 5 more for MJP6, and 7 more for MXP5 and only 11 more for PAX 2!!!!!
If things continue to go well we should do all this and more this coming year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Maria, Lew, Boch, and Rosie