Boch update

Hi Cathy,
Mr. Boch got his PAX title this past weekend and qualified for the PACH title that will be given in 1/2013!!!!!!! The little man was super all weekend long and got a first double Q for his PAX 2 title. I am not quite sure how the AKC will list his titles but think that his official name will now be
In case you are not use to reading the titles he has his Rally Excellent, his Preferred Agility Excellent, his Master Std (times 3), his Master Jumpers (time 4) and his Excellent Fast Preferred and then the PACH which is Preferred Agility Champion!!!!
He is now working on his PAX 2 and has the Life time Masters Bronze titles in STD and JWW and is working on his silver Masters Life time and then onto the Gold Masters Life Time.
I had his runs video by the professionals at the show and when I get the DVD I will plan a time to get together for you to enjoy the runs.
As for the PACH title, the AKC told me that they will grandfather the dogs in who earn the title before 1/2013 when it becomes available. He has enough points by either the multiplier method or the straight method whichever one the AKC chooses to use to calculate by and when he got that 20th QQ he got the PACH also. We just have to wait to get the official certificate.
You would not believe how many people come up to me and tell me what a fantastic rottie he is and how super he looks and especially how willing to do agility and with such ability. He is a life time dream come true and I wish that we could clone him again when he gets into old age and retires from agility. Playing agility with Boch is so much fun and he makes it easy for me to do the run. When he does not Q it is because I have failed to give a proper direction cue or not given one in time. But even when I am late with the cue he will try his best to do what I am indicating even if it means jumping at super odd angles. He will then woof at me to let me know that I am late in telling him what to do and where to go but he does not hold it against me and comes back more than willing to go on.
We are on our way tomorrow to Greensboro for the four day show there. Hopefully you will be showing in conformation some of those days and can come by the agility building and watch some of his runs. Maria