Boch’s new titles

Yourmessage: Hi Cathy, just a short note to let you know that Boch now has three new titles. He got his MJP2 title, his NFP title, and his OFP title since we last spoke. I guess for your web page since he is now getting so many titles lets list his name as
Silverhill’s Rustic Acres Boch RE, MXP, MJP2,NFP,OFP. He also has 8 legs toward his PAX now! The little man is really rocking and LOVES his AGILITY. For his last leg on OFP this weekend he got a score of 79 (80 is as high as you can get)and the crowd LOVED him and everyone came up to me afterwards to say what a BEAUTIFUL run he had! We go this coming weekend to try for his CD title. Maria