Just a short email to let you know that this past weekend in Concord Boch got both his MXP and MJP TITLES!
He got the MXP title on a course where in the 20inch class out of 65 dogs entered only 8 qualified!!! BOCH was one of the 8 who qualified. I am so proud of him that he handled such a difficult course and handled it so well. Then to get both titles on the same day with a double Q that was the icing on the cake! He went on the double Q again the next day again on some very very difficult courses. He now has 4 double Qs toward his PAX title. So over the Concord weekend Boch qualified 6 times taking either first or second each time!!! WAY TO GO LITTLE MAN!!!!
How could I forget the biggest brag of all –
Boch got the following titles in just 8months 2 weeks time table from when he started showing in agility
NAP NJP OAP OJP AXP AJP MXP MJP !!!!!!!!!! in just 8 months 2 weeks time
` and placing first or second every time !!!!!!!!!