Carsten is doing therapy work too!

Carsten (Shaka x Katy kid) is waiting to become a little more seasoned as a Therapy dog before calling the TV stations. The more positive press Rottweiler’s can get, the better. Amy included a few pictures. With HIPPA laws now it is harder to get pictures.
Amy is hoping to be able to take some pictures in the Pediatrics Oncology unit and at the library. Carsten is working in active rehab. He will be doing some retrieving of items thrown by patients, following commands (voice therapy) walking by walkers, offering emotional support and helping to build confidence. It is an important job for such a young boy but
Amy believes he is up to the task. He is becoming quite popular with the staff as well. They will stop him in the halls and ask him to play dead or roll over. Some walk past and ask him for a high five. He is always willing to show off.. Amy and Carsten.IMG_3363.JPGIMG_3344.JPGTherapy%20Carsten.jpg