SilverHill’s Fancy Pants (AKA Tasha)

This is the Shaka x Kiss pup now called SilverHill’s Fancy Pants (AKA Tasha) who lives with Judy Dudley in CA and gets along great with her 9 month old American Bulldog, Mojo. They have eaten from the same bowl since day one, and if she tries to separate them they will both gravitate to the same bowl. At the first sound from her, Mojo runs to check on her and moves between them if she scolds her and tell her no, so he’s a good big brother for her. Tasha puts her front feet into the water bowl, and will then stick her face in the water and blow bubbles from her nose! She has never seen that done before, and I certainly wouldn’t expect it from a Rotti. Tasha then pulls her head out of the bowl and slings water everywhere!
She’s settled in nicely, and we really enjoy her. Enjoy the pictures of the two of them.
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