Now for those of you that were at the Nationals – Wow! There were many beautiful dogs to behold. We had a great time and took some placements. Congratulations to all! It was a family reunion with old friends, making new friends and seeing all those beautiful dogs. Now if you have never been to a Nationals, why not? It is the grand prix of your breed. And if you are wanting to learn about Rottweilers, this is the place with all kinds of events and seminars. Can’t wait to see ya’ll next year, and until then see you at the specialties!!! Looking forward to our shows here in Raleigh (pending AKC approval):
Thursday August 28 breeder judge Susan Otto (Cary KC)
Sweeps = Jim Owens
Friday August 29 judge Dorothy Collier (Alamance KC)
Sweeps = Denise Nardini
Saturday August 30 breeder judge Deborah Cabe (Durham KC)
Sweeps= Cindy Stansell
Sunday August 31 breeder judge Gary Bassett (Salisbury NC KC)
Sweeps= Juan Griego
Monday Sep 1 ARC Regional Specialty Linda Berberich (Raleigh KC)
Sweeps= Nancy Griego