Raleigh Shows this week and weekend – out of the office

If you know me then you know there are dog shows in Raleigh this Tuesday through Sunday. I will be at the fairgrounds everyday from 7 am to 7 pm. There will not be time to return calls or do emails.
To find when Rottweilers are showing, look on infodog and go down the page to the shows looking for Raleigh, NC with AB/O/JSHW designation then click on the show name. Danville Kennel Club is the first on Tuesday for example. In the next window on the left hand side look under Show Info. To see the schedule of events, look a the Judging Program. Under the index of breeds you will see the entry number, the ring and time. Then to be more specific, go to the ring and it will list what breeds are judged by what judge in which order.
If you know when you are going to be there and want to meet, please call me. It is best that we set aside time as I am involved with the Judges Education Seminars, hospitality, and ring stewarding. Since I may be busy, I would hate to miss you or not have time to visit.
Till next week…Good luck to all of you!