Here is a little news from MD.
I received my 8-week old male pup from Cathy Rubens, in April 2000. Cathy picked him out for me, and I never questioned her choice. What impressed me, beyond the reputation of her puppies, was her dedication to the pups going to approved homes. Stipulated in the puppy contract, Cathy has the right to decline the sale of a pup if the (person) or home don’t meet her standards. I was thrilled that I was approved!
Initially named ‘Harley,’ my male puppy began a rigorous course of puppy kindergarten & submissive training. He learned quickly, and socialized well with dogs, cats & people. I neutered him at 8-months. When he was 3 yrs old, he became certified as a Pet Therapy Dog. We would visit nursing homes, & residents would pet him & give him treats! At some point in time, we nicknamed him, ‘Bonehead,’ because my husband was impressed by the size of his skull!
Fast forward to 2008. Next month is his 8-yr. physical. Throughout the past 8 yrs., I have never had a bad day with my dog. He is my constant companion, & since I work on a farm, he is with me all day. People are impressed when they see Bonehead. Not only is he gorgeous, he is a lot of fun. I also love the fact that people respect him; just because he is a Rottweiler. I’ve owned many dogs in my life, & Bonehead is the easiest dog. Of course I continue to work with him every day, since he loves ‘having a job.’
My Veterinarian has seen a lot of Rottweilers in his 30-yrs of animal care. ( Including a large emergency clinic in Annapolis, MD). He always says that Bonehead is the nicest Rottie he has ever met. I look forward to every day with my dog, & every evening with him by my side.
Without question, Cathy Rubens has excellent quality pups. Her knowledge of the Rottweiler breed; her experience as a judge; and love of animals; contribute to the highest standards of her Silverhill Rottweilers. I hope to have many more happy years with my Bonehead. When the time comes to get another dog, I would not hesitate to be ‘approved’ by Cathy, again!
and Cathy had Bonehead’s owner pick out a van for her that she is driving today.