Mr. BoJangles

Saturday, Sept 8th, I opened a picture in an email of an old dog in a shelter and a plea to adopt him.
I don’t usually foster because I have my own dogs and don’t want to expose them to what is going around this year. But, he struck a chord as I know old dogs are not easily adopted, and this is not place for an old dog to die.
Sunday I found who to contact, the shelter, etc. They needed my rescue 501 numbers etc. ??? So Gwen Chaney to the rescue of me! She and Mary Statzer arranged his release. Gwen says bright and early, but I think is was predawn Tuesday, she and Mary Statzer went to the South Bend, IN Shelter. There they met and brought back to Indianapolis the “OLD MAN” and his yellow tennis ball. They said he was a dear dog, with a sweet gentle demeanor. But they had not ever seen a dog with such a absence of coat and itching all over.
The next stop was Mary’s and her rescue partner’s vet. Mary’s vet found the dog has scabies (mange), kennel cough, heart worms, ear infection, and a hematoma around the ear area. None of this is obvious from the picture. An hour later Mary was on her way home with itch and kennel cough medication to await the arrival of my best-friend, Bob Russell, who would arrive around midnight, rest the remainder of the night and return to NC with Old Man, whom he named Mr. BoJangles. Thank you Ladies for saving this dog’s life, starting him on medications immediately, and saving Bob hours of driving. There are not many people that would put up a stranger in their homes to get some sleep. Mary slept in her car to give Bo company, as she has an old dog at home that she did not want to expose to the ailments Bo had.
Bob and BoJangles arrived in the early morning hours of Thursday to NC. I had set him up so that he could leave Bo in the barn and shed his clothes and shower immediately. Once the vet opened Thursday morning, BoJangles and I set off for to get a bordetella test. Finally a negative on something! I discussed treatment options given his general health and got some additional pills and medications. Once the kennel cough, mange and ear problems are under control we will work on his other problems and vaccinations.
He continues to have plenty of energy, appetite and willingness to please. He jumps into the Honda and gets into his crate, turns around and lays down like he has always done it this way. Was a perfect gentleman at the vet for blood draws and restraint. He has perfect leash manners and appears to be house broken.
He is so cute, but I must keep him isolated from my other dogs. I would hate to pay 15 x what we have so far to treat the dogs here. He is visited regularly, but anyone there must shower after and have their clothes washed. So we are doing tons of laundry and disposing of any rugs that we use for him. This will only be for a few short months. Right?
Bob spends lots time taking him for walks and playing with him.
Now for some good news! As of Sept 22 BoJangles is no longer coughing, no longer iching and is getting new hair. So for those of you that follow his story, may your hearts sing! Thank you to those who support this little guy, we have much to be thankful for and it is too kind of you to share yourselves with this old man. A special thank you to Mrs. Revera Wayburn for your concerns and help. You are one in a million!
BoJangles still eats like he is starving, and since he is a Rottweiler, likely always will! Bob took a video last evening during play time to share. Now realize that he was taping and throwing the ball! Not bad for a one-man-show.