September show planning UPDATE

The Raleigh Labor Day Circuit 2006 had 5 point majors for all 4 days of breeder judges and 2 sweeps! SO! How do we top that? September 07 we have added a 5th day and 2 additional days of sweeps! Now we have 5 days of breeder judges and 4 sweeps events! (pending AKC approval)
* *Thursday* August 30th
* _breeder judge:_ Cathy Rubens (Cary KC)
* *Friday* August 31, 2007
* _breeder judge:_ Jeff Gregg (Alamance KC)
* _sweeps:_ Joanne Francisco
* Saturday Sep 1, 2007
* Karen Sims (Durham KC)
* Sweeps= Robin Stansell
* Sunday Sep 2, 2007 breeder judge
* Mike Jackman (Salisbury NC KC)
* Sweeps= Debra Shibley
* Monday Sep 3, 2007 ARC Regional Spec. Joan Klem (Raleigh KC)
* Sweeps= Anne Felske-Jackman
In addition:
* Sunday ARC Judges Breed Study
* A BSL Booth
* A Rescue Parade.
What I need now, is trophy sponsors. I hate begging, but if you want trophies, please donate!