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On 25 acres in Kenly, North Carolina near Raleigh, NC, SilverHill Rottweilers is quiet woods, sunny fields and the home of Cathleen Rubens and her many pure bred, AKC registered Rottweilers. In the past thirty-plus years, Cathy and SilverHill Rottweilers have ethically bred over 60 Champion Rottweilers, many of them winning Specialties and Groups and some went on to Best In Show. We are especially proud of the SilverHill Rottweilers that have gone on to become a part of, or the foundation of, other successful breeding programs.

In addition to these formal achievements, SillverHills is proud of all the many Rottweiler puppies we have placed in homes as pets. We think of each one of them as home bred Rottweiler ambassadors for their good temperaments and conformation.

Educate the Public about the Rottweiler Breed

Silverhill's Gem

Cathy is an AKC Rottweiler Breeder Judge and currently she continues her efforts to improve the breed by traveling to judge and being exposed to dogs she might not otherwise see. While Chair of the American Rottweiler Club Judges Education for over 7 years, she, in collaboration with Liz Wertz, built the American Rottweiler Club Judges Education website that is now donated to the American Rottweiler Club .  She gave lectures, mentors other judges, and is active in encouraging other breeders to interpret the Rottweiler Breed Standard correctly.

This site was developed to be a resource for a variety of people, from the first time dog owner considering buying a Rottweiler from us to the serious Rottweiler breeder who requires specific information regarding the dogs and bitches in our breeding program. Our page About gives our philosophy on breeding better dogs for the future.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this wonderful breed or breeding issues. Up-to-date information about recent awards and pictures of puppies in their forever homes are posted on the SilverHill Rottweilers FB page  or Cathy Rubens FB page and information about upcoming Rottweiler litters are on the breeding plans page.

Tubbs is #1 Obedience Rottweiler and High Scoring Rottweiler at Eukanuba!
Tubbs is #1 Obedience Rottweiler and High Scoring Rottweiler at Eukanuba!


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